Coaching - Inspiring Hope Counseling
Chaute Thompson, Counselor, Fort Pierce, FL 34950, Focus: Strengthening the Family Unit- this is accomplished through each individual in the family being mentally healthy and learning to work together through any family and individual conflict. This includes childhood and adolescent difficult behaviors and concerns, divorce issues, personal stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It is my goal as your therapist to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. My therapeutic approach is centered on what matters most to you. I believe in improving quality of life by empowering you with tools necessary for optimum level of functioning.
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Life Coaching

Receiving life coaching is not about healing or treating complex psychological issues and trauma, instead it is present and future focused, it helps with goal-setting and bringing awareness to ineffective habits and patterns, building communication, assertiveness, and relationship skills.

As your coach, I will ask thought-provoking questions, develop an action plan and encourage you to envision yourself living your best life, empower you to be confident in your best self, all while affording you resources and strategies to use to be intentionally hopeful in your future.

RESET Coaching

The purpose of RESET Coaching is helping women who have experienced separation, divorce or a breakup. Coaching helps to alleviate fluctuating emotions, understand the grief process, provides steps to rejuvenate and renew, embrace your flaws and your worth which enables you to live your best life- unapologetically you!

Divorce Mindfulness Coaching

The purpose of Divorce Mindfulness Coaching is to help individuals KNOW what divorce entails so they can make educated, rational decisions instead of impulsive/emotional decisions. This coaching provides awareness for the process before, during and after divorce pertaining to family members emotionally and mentally. This also provides the necessary support needed during this difficult time.


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