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Chaute Thompson, Counselor, Fort Pierce, FL 34950, Focus: Strengthening the Family Unit- this is accomplished through each individual in the family being mentally healthy and learning to work together through any family and individual conflict. This includes childhood and adolescent difficult behaviors and concerns, divorce issues, personal stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It is my goal as your therapist to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. My therapeutic approach is centered on what matters most to you. I believe in improving quality of life by empowering you with tools necessary for optimum level of functioning.
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Family Services

Throughout the course of our lives, we will inevitably face struggles. Sometimes these challenges can be too difficult to get through alone, and that’s why Inspiring Hope Counseling is here to help. I offer individual therapy for all ages because I want to walk with you through your most trying times. No matter what struggles you’re facing, I’m able to offer grief counseling, trauma counseling, and more. If you’d like to take advantage of my experience as a therapist contact Inspiring Hope Counseling today.

As a parenting coordinator I assist high-conflict co-parents make decisions about their children. As a neutral party I provide psycho-education, resources, solution -focused techniques and recommendations. Meetings will take place with co-parents individually, jointly and via the telephone when appropriate.

Social Investigation/Child Custody Evaluations

This impartial evaluation helps the court to make informed decisions regarding time-sharing of children when parents are no longer living together. This evaluation is conducted by assessing  parents capacities for parenting, meeting developmental and psychological needs of child(ren).

Divorce Mindfulness/Co-Parenting Seminar

Divorce mindfulness Co-Parenting Seminar is an option for those considering divorce or separation and/or for those already in the process. This seminar allows parents to learn about the long-term consequences for children who are exposed to high conflict.

The mindfulness divorce seminar provides an economical way to learn about the impact of trauma on children and expert strategies to promote resiliency in children and families after divorce. In addition, court-approved parenting class with certificate will be included.

Protect your child from continued trauma and attend the next mindfulness divorce seminar.

Florida family court requires couples who are divorcing or separating with children to complete an approved parenting class before finalizing their divorce.

In person classes and online courses available. After each course you will receive a certificate to file with the court.

To register for online course visit:

To register for in-person course call 772.302.6191


I conduct HomeStudies for families. I provide an impartial home study evaluation

  • Kinship families
  • Adoptive families
  • Foster families
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